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Terms and Conditions

The term Manage My Nutrition covers all websites and applications linked to these terms. Manage My Nutrition is owned by LUCREATIONS L.L.C. and LUCREATIONS LTD, incorporated in London. Christian Ronnie is the owner of these companies.

1. I understand and agree that Manage My Nutrition is not a Registered Dietitian and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a nutritionist or Registered Dietitian. Manage My Nutrition does not provide nutrition advice. Manage My Nutrition offers multiple diet plans to select from that provide a list of specific foods each day in the diet planning table. I understand that these are exemplary foods to be used as a foundation when adjusting the table to get to my own diet, and are not meant to be followed as a diet plan. The reason there are multiple diets to choose from is because they offer different incremental values and different foods that are commonly selected in certain demographics, with the intention of facilitating the process of creating my own diet. I understand that, under no circumstances, if I decide to create a diet plan that is similar in any way to the diet plans prepopulated in my diet table, that the owner is in no way liable for any actions I make at all. Furthermore, I understand that any calculations or calorie amounts provided are there to help provide a conceptual framework to formulating my own diet plan, and may not be accurate.
2. I understand that any information that Manage My Nutrition provides is only an attempt to facilitate the user's experience, and that information is not intended to be interpreted as advice or nutrition care. I understand that Manage My Nutrition does not provide nutrition care or personal nutrition advice.
3. I understand that any diet plan, fitness plan, food, or amount that Manage My Nutrition may provide is only to be used as an example. An example plan can be generated using the member's selections and profile, and may be inaccurate. Any information, food, or amounts provided are only to be used as a platform for the user to generate their own individual goals, plans, or diets.
4. I understand that example meal plans are not guaranteed to be provided on a daily basis. The example meal plans are meant to help members understand the platform and facilitate the creation of his or her own diet plans. I understand that any diet or food suggestion provided is not intended to be followed, rather it is provided to help me better understand the platform and facilitate the entry of my own personal diet. I further understand that Manage My Nutrition (inclusive of all affiliated apps and websites) does not claim accuracy of any of the foods, values, calculations, nutrition content, or calories. I understand that Manage My Nutrition is not liable for any discrepancies, accuracy issues, missing or incorrect information, and does not has responsibility to ensure that you understand how to use the platform.
5. I understand that Manage My Nutrition cannot be held liable for any personal or health issues that arise as a result of using this service. I further understand that I cannot hold Manage My Nutrition liable for any reason, and that I agree to use this service at my own risk. I understand that improper wellness decisions can lead to long-term health concerns, or even death, and Manage My Nutrition will not be liable for any negative outcomes resulting from accessing this service.
6. I understand that while I understand that no liability can be passed to Manage My Nutrition, that these Terms require the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes, rather than jury trials or class actions.
7. I understand that Manage My Nutrition has the right to suspend or cancel my account at any time. Access to World Wide Web; Internet Delays; Device Issues. I understand that to use this service, access to the World Wide Web is required, either directly or through devices that access web-based content, and any service fees associated with such access are the responsibility of the user. I am responsible for providing all equipment necessary to connect to the World Wide Web, including a device and Internet access. Access to certain Manage My Nutrition services may be limited or delayed based on problems inherent in the use of Internet and electronic communications. I understand that Manage My Nutrition is not responsible for delays, delivery failures, or other damage resulting from such problems. I also understand that Manage My Nutrition is not responsible for delays, delivery failures, or other damage resulting from the equipment being used to access this service.
8. Limited Liability and Indemnification. I will not hold Manage My Nutrition or any affiliated members liable for any damages incurred. Under no circumstance will any parties associated with this service be held liable for damages incurred. Any liability found on the part of Manage My Nutrition or affiliated members will be limited to the amount paid for this service.
9. Force Majeure. Manage My Nutrition shall not be considered in breach of or default under these Terms of Service or any contract with me, and shall not be liable to me for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder by reason of earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, act of God or the public enemy, epidemic, famine or plague, action of a court or public authority, change in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen (each a "Force Majeure Event"). If a Force Majeure Event continues for more than 60 days in the aggregate, Manage My Nutrition may immediately terminate these Terms of Service and shall have no liability to me for or as a result of any such termination. I understand that Manage My Nutrition is not responsible for any identity fraud, and it is up to me, the user, to determine whether someone is using my information without my consent. I understand that Manage My Nutrition is not responsible for verifying my identity or the accuracy of any information I provide.
10. Right to refuse. I acknowledge that Manage My Nutrition reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. I understand that individuals may be billed at different rates, regardless of what the current monthly rate is, or what the current rate was when they subscribed.
11. Payments and Recurring Subscription. I understand that this is a paid service using a recurring subscription plan, and that by proceeding with this agreement, I authorize Manage My Nutrition and any third party involved in the transaction process to store my credit card or debit card information and bill my account on a recurring monthly basis. All transactions and purchases are final. The member may request to cancel their membership at any time and may be contacted by Manage My Nutrition to confirm their cancellation request using the email address registered to their account. The member can request to cancel their membership by following the cancelation instructions after logging into their account. The member can request to cancel their account after logging into their subscription account, and must do this more than 48 hours before the next scheduled payment date or else the subscription will continue through the end of the following billing cycle. For example, if the member is scheduled to pay their monthly subscription amount on the 21st of February, the member must send the cancellation request before February 19 to avoid being charged on the 21st and continuing their membership through the next payment date in March. If a payment is not successful, Manage My Nutrition has the right to suspend or cancel my account. The current offering provides five day "plans", priced individually. Each plan provides five days of access to the member area, and includes daily diet plans of at least four days, with certain exceptions. The current price of each five day "plan" is $1.84, and is billed in packages of six plans each 30 days. The amount of six plans, billed at one time, starting at the end of the first free plan, amounts to $1.8333 per plan, not to exceed $11.00 per month. A $1.00 authentication may appear on your billing account. That amount will be credited back automatically.
12. Terms of Use: I understand that the Site's general terms of use ("Terms of Use") relate to these Terms of Service and in agreeing to these Terms of Service, I acknowledge that I understand and approve any Terms of Use.
13. Terms: "Manage My Nutrition" may be referred to as "Online Nutritionist", "Site", "The Site", "Funds Arch Thrive Empowered", "Lucreations L.L.C.", "ManageMyNutrition.com", "FABSA", "Latin Diets", "LatinDiets.com", "this service", or any other term as wished. "Online Nutritionist", "Site", "The Site", "Funds Arch Thrive Empowered LLC", "FABSA", "ManageMyNutrition.com", "Latin Diets", "LatinDiets.com", "this service", and any other term as wished, may be referred to as "Manage My Nutrition". These terms relate to the services provided when using the Manage My Nutrition website or any related applications. ManageMyNutrition.com, LatinDiets.com, Latin Diets and the Online Nutritionist app may be called Manage My Nutrition, or any other term as wished.
14. I understand that in certain states, only a licensed professional can provide nutrition care. I understand that Manage My Nutrition does not provide nutrition care or nutrition advice. This application is meant for me to manage my own nutrition and goals, using the platform provided. I understand that any example meal plan that Manage My Nutrition may provide is only to be used to facilitate my experience as a member of this service. This service is being presented to you through a state that does not require a person providing nutrition care to be a licensed professionals.
15. I understand that Manage My Nutrition may make changes to the service provided during my subscription.
16. I understand that Manage My Nutrition may offer a free access period if purchased through a promoter or sales consultant. This feedback is not required to satisfy the promotional offer. I understand that promotions and sales prices offered on the payment page where your billing information is collected supercede all other prices mentioned elsewhere. I understand that month-to-month, as mentioned in this agreement, is a 30 day billing period.
17. I understand that any of the terms and conditions mentioned on this page may change at any time, without notification.
18. Security, Support and Subscriptions Update (1/18/18). I understand that Manage My Nutrition will only store the last single digit of my credit card number. This is to protect members' credit card numbers from being stolen if someone were to somehow access this server and database. When initiating the 'free plan' my credit card information is verified using Stripe tokenization, allowing only the last four digits to be retrievable via Stripe, the merchant handling payments and subscriptions. I understand that subscriptions are renewed automatically unless I cancel my subscription in the member area after logging in. I am responisble for following the instructions precisely. Using the cancellation link after logging into the member area is the only way to cancel a subscription. Members are responsible for emailing the address provided after cancelling for record keeping purposes should a dispute arise. If a member claims they cancelled, and they did not send a confirmation email as instructed, then the member is not intitled to any refund. I understand that after the free five day plan ends, I am responsible for paying the agreed upon rate for each subsequent five day plan in packages of six. This payment occurs after the package of six plans expires, and is billed automatically in an amount not to exceed $11 per month until I cancel my membership. I understand that this is a fully automated service that does not provide any human resource support. If I have any technical concerns, questions, or any other potential issues with the services provided when using this app, my only option is to cancel my subscription in the member area.
19. I understand that by agreeing to these terms and conditions, I authorize Manage My Nutrition to enroll me in the subscription plan with recurring payments at the agreed upon rate. I understand that my membership is subject to change after the end of each 30 day billing period, unless otherwise mentioned. I understand that I have the option to cancel at anytime. To cancel a subscription that was purchased on the Apple App Store, I must cancel using the standard cancellation steps that are the same when cancelling any in-app subscription purchased through the Apple App Store. To cancel a website or Google Play subscription, I must follow the instructions after logging into my account.
20. By proceeding with the use of this web application, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to these Terms.